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Ask Zoey – Bariatric Surgery, should I lie? Vol. 1.2

Ask Zoey - Advice on if I should lie about Gastric Bypass surgery.

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Dear Zoey,

I read your article, Why I chose to Get Weight Loss surgery, and it is very similar to my case.  I’m scheduled for the surgery September the 12th and I decided to get the Gastric Bypass, my doctor and I agreed that would be best for me. 

My goal is to lose 150, I’m already down 15 lbs. from my pre op liquid diet.  I’m writing because I don’t want to tell people I got Bariatric Surgery, I’m not embarrassed, it’s just a lot of people have some very rude and uneducated responses to that topic. 

Should I tell people or just keep it between me and my husband? ~Jennifer K.

Hi Jennifer,

Congratulations, on already losing 15 lbs. pre op.  The liquid diet is no joke, but it really helped me realize a lot about my relationship with food.  You asked a great question, it’s the same question I asked myself and my therapist. 

Here is what I did, then you can decide what’s right for you.  I told my husband, my Aunt who had the surgery, my cousin who had the surgery and my closest friend, at first.  They had no judgement and were extremely supportive and helpful.  Other people, know I had surgery but not sure what it was for; I give a vague answer about stomach surgery. 

Six weeks after I had the surgery, two friends who didn’t know the truth were chatting in our daily group text and my friend confesses she is going to get the surgery, she too was having a slew of health issues and had been struggling for years, despite spending 2 hours a day in the gym.   I wanted to help her so I confessed that I got the gastric sleeve, I’m sure I upset them by not telling them at first, but they too became supportive, but weren’t happy I lied. It was a little awkward for a minute.  I’m a slow loser even with the surgery, I lose between 10-12 lbs. a month. 

My start weight was 259lbs and I’m down to 211lbs as of this morning and that’s in 76 days.  Some people lose a lot more during there first few months post op.  If you chose not to tell people, you will have to come up with a response for when they ask you how you lost so much weight, and they will ask you. 

Everyone seems to being doing Keto, so you can always lie and say that.  I mostly just say lifestyle changes and attempt to change the subject. 

If you decide to tell people, just say it was a personal choice and that you are happy with the decision.  Some people will still make rude comments about your portion sizes, or ask personal questions like, ‘do you have sagging skin?’, I like to think it’s because they are curious but you must prep yourself with clap backs for the haters.  For example, I ran into an ex-boyfriend who saw that I lost weight and he said I hope you didn’t get surgery, you looked better fatter and we both know you’ll gain it all back.  My petty response was, Ah yes I remember why I broke up with you, excuse me I’m going to meet my husband, are you married? ( I knew he wasn’t but I went full petty betty).

So, the decision is yours, but don’t stress about it too much.  Focus on your goals, and your journey.  Check out Weight Loss Surgery Blogs and Vlogs, they got me through so much when I needed questions answered.  All that matters is that you are ready to change your life and your health, everyone else’s opinions are just noise.  Best of Luck next week! ~Zoey

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