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Periods: 5 Top Rated Organic Tampons Reviewed

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Can’t we just be done with periods, how come science isn’t working on that? Any who, my period is the worst, but I tried and tested a 5 organic tampons so that you don’t have to.

So I have a funky auto immune condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, yeah I can’t pronounce it either, so lets call it HS. Basically I get painful, and I mean painful cysts, boils, lesions, infections etc. Ugh its gross, and science hasn’t a clue how to fix that either.

Anyway, I noticed regular pads and tampons were rubbing against my skin and causing flare ups during my periods, and ain’t nobody got time for that. So I tried a bunch of organic products and I wanted to weigh in on the ones I like.

As a side note, I have tried the Diva Cup during a few periods, I like it, but OMG I struggle to get it out. It’s straight up Carrie’s Prom in the bathroom, so I put those on hold for now, although my friends swear by them. Yeah maybe that was TMI, am I oversharing?

Where was I? Oh right, so I’m a tampon by day, Pad at night kinda girl. Also, can someone explain why tubular cotton is so expensive? Dammit I’m off topic again.

I was not paid for this review or given free products in exchange, so this is brutally honest. Each product linked to Amazon, for a full description or to buy. I don’t remember what life was like before Prime.

L. Organic Tampons I tried these first because they were the cheapest. The applicator is flimsy but it did the job. They worked, but didn’t seem to hold as much as my regular tampons during a normal period day, they leaked a bit. The string is longer which I really liked. I had absolutely no irritation. They come in a plastic tube, its cute packaging but not that discreet. They do give back to women in need, which I love. Grade: B+

Cora Organic Tampons

Cora Organic Tampons – These are a little pricier. They were similar to the L. brand. Similarly, they weren’t that absorbent and seemed to come a part a bit as they came out. I wouldn’t wear longer than 3 hours. Beautiful packaging . Also, these didn’t bother my skin. They too give back, so it makes the price more understandable. Grade B-

o.b. Organic Tampon- I used to love o.b. until they stopped making applicators, so it was nice to try these again with an applicator. These are my favorite. I found the absorbency the best, no skin issues. Packaging is nothing special but I don’t think I care about that anyway, I just want to know they will work and not leak during my periods. There are also coupons on their website. Grade A-

Organyc Tampons

Organyc – I had too many issues with the applicator, I wasted 2 and then gave up. The plunger fell out and I couldn’t get it back in properly then the tampon fell on the floor. Opened a 2nd one and I went to insert the tampon and the plunger fell out and so did the tampon. I don’t know if these work for periods, but the functionality of the applicator design was a fail for me. Their website was also down so I couldn’t get additional info on their brand. Grade: D-

Seventh Generation Tampons – Where do I start. These tampons seem extra long for some reason, or maybe I have a short vagina? They were painful, which I’ve never really had before. And they leaked with in an hour. But they rank 4 Stars on Amazon so maybe I got a bad batch? These were my least favorite. They also donate to nonprofits, which is notable. Grade F

To recap, my favorite products were he o.b organic and the L. brand. The rest worked enough but o.b was the closet competitor to my normal non-organic brand Tampax Pearl. Again I’m not an expert, this is just your average girls opinion. Tampons can cause toxic shock, so always make sure you don’t wear them longer then the box recommends.

Do you have a favorite organic brand that I missed? Sound off in the comments I’d love to hear about other brands.

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