Ask Zoey — JLO Tickets – Spouse vs. Friend Vol 1.3

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Dear Zoey,

My husband got us Jennifer Lopez tickets this summer.  We had an amazing time, JLO killed it.  My friend is also a huge JLO fan, and she saw I went to the concert without her and she’s currently not speaking to me.  She expected me to ditch my husband, who got us the tickets as an anniversary present.  I don’t feel like I did anything wrong, what do you think? ~Cindy


Happy Anniversary, what a great gift your spouse got you. Your friend really expected you to ditch your husband and take her to your anniversary present?  She seems a little selfish.  Even if you got an extra ticket for her to come with, that would disrespect your husband.  I think you are in the right here and I don’t think you owe her an apology.  You explained and she still isn’t talking to you; you may consider a break for a while because she sounds like she has unrealistic expectations.  I think she owes you an apology for being so extra.  Good Luck with everything. ~Zoey

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