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At any given time one of my friends is pregnant, dieting or giving up alcohol. Like all busy adults, we struggle to find time together, but also to find activities we can all do. But what could we do that didn’t involve Happy Hour or dinners. Here’s 13 Sober, Food Free Friend Dates we love to do.

Not to brag, but I have amazing friends. Most of our group chats are just us being petty, sending memes, solving problems and attempting to make plans.  We’ve been working hard to do things besides happy hour and dinners. Check out our 13 favorite friend dates.

1. Pedicures and Manicures

Getting your nails and toes done is a great way to chat with your friends and get your self-care on.  

Too pricey? Bust out your foot tub, you know the one you got for Secret Santa taking up room in your closet. Give each other manis and pedis with your favorite drug store nail polish color. As a bonus, you have your girls there to help paint your dominant hand so it doesn’t look a hot mess.

2. Game Night

Who doesn’t love a board game. My friends and I love to get together and play games and yes usually alcohol is usually involved (it doesn’t have to be). We have potluck appetizers and play games all night. Whether it’s traditional board games like Taboo or Cards Against Humanity or party games on the Nintendo Switch, its always a good time.

3. Shopping

I love my spouse, but he absolutely hates shopping for any and everything. Either I go by myself or bring my friends.  Sure, I always end up spending more, but my friends have great taste and help pick out things I would never try by myself.

4. Escape Rooms

My tribe loves to do Escape Rooms. It’s an exceptional mental workout and a great team building exercise for your friends. An escape room is exactly what it sounds like. You are locked in a room and have an hour to solve a series of clues to get out of the room. You have no choice but to work together in order to beat the clock.

5. Spa Dates

My bestie and I get together a few times a year for massages. Sometimes we get couples massage so we can relax together and chat a little. Always check for massage gift card sales   around the holidays so you can stock up.

6. Book Club

Books are a great escape but I never have time to sit down long enough to enjoy a book. Recently I’ve become obsessed with Audible. I listen audiobooks during commutes, cooking, workouts and while cleaning. I actually know what’s going on at book club, instead of faking it and only going for free snacks. Book club is at a different person’s house every month, the host gets to pick the book.

7. Gym Class

Struggling with motivation?  Get a gym buddy to hold you accountable. Take different classes until you find one that you and your friends like. As a side note, I’ve tried Zumba and Aerial yoga, but it was more hilarious than healthy because we couldn’t stop laughing at how uncoordinated we were. But humor is therapeutic too, right?

8. Movies

There are so many great movies out lately: everything from your favorite fandom to that powerful women-centric tale. It’s the perfect time to gather all your geek girls and head out to support your favorite films.

Looking for cheaper friend dates? Have a leggings, messy hair, makeup free night in. Fire up the Smart TV and stream your favorite movies.  

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9. Walks

Meet after work and go for a walk to get your steps in and gossip a little along the way. During the colder months, go to the mall and walk the length. It’s cheaper than buying a treadmill and you can window shop along the way.

10. Painting/Art Classes

Paint Night shops have popped up everywhere in the last decade. It’s a fun time to learn something new and chat with your friends. I cannot paint AT ALL, but everything I’ve done at Painting with a Twist looks kind of cute.  

11. Amusement Parks

When was the last time you went to a theme park without kids? Have a non-kid day at your favorite amusement park. Ride all the roller coasters without toting around the strollers, diaper bags and over sized stuff animals. I wouldn’t recommend telling the kiddos you went without them. 

12. Beach Days

If you are lucky enough to live near a shore take a day trip to the beach or lake for a stress-free day at the water.   As women, we tend to be caregivers and often forget our own self care. Remember it’s ok to have a girls day out , it makes you a better spouse, mother and employee

We’d love the hear about your favorite friend dates in the comments. What do you and your crew like to do for fun?

13. Vision Boards

Full disclosure, I’ve read The Secret multiple times and I am a vision board addict. I make a few boards a year and this year my girls and I made them together. Vision boards club (trying to make that a thing) is a great way to hold each other accountable for your goals. My friend’s kids started getting in on the action, as well, so it’s a great family activity too.

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  1. These are all great ideas!

  2. LOVE these. THese are such fun, creative ideas for any day. What a great list!

  3. I love these ideas especially the games night and escape rooms.

  4. What a great idea for a post! Good to see a list with fun ideas for all moods and friends.

  5. You’ve got some GREAT suggestions! I love getting outdoors together for a bonfire night or to check out a local hiking trail, and both of these are great to do with friends. Better yet, many of my friends are also dog lovers, so we can take the pups hiking.

  6. theSAHMblog

    Mani and pedi for the win!

  7. Love all your ideas! I could use some more friends to share in all this kind of fun! ❤️

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