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Unique ways to Meet Your Protein Goals

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All around the world we are living through unprecedented times and abundance of food is no longer taken for granted. Post and Pre-op bariatric patients are struggling to get consume their minimum amount of protein. Check out unique ways to meet your protein goals.

I live in New Jersey and in my town going to the food store is like Lord of Flies. We have the 2nd highest positive COVID-19 tests in the nation, so safety is my number one priority. Supermarket staff are working around the clock to restock each night only to have the shelves stripped each morning.

My bariatric doctor canceled all appointments indefinitely while they help care for coronavirus patients in our overflowing hospitals. So, its more important than ever to make sure you are maintaining all your food goals.


After 2 weeks of no meat, we finally received an order with some good old fashion animal protein. Praise our amazing Shipt workers for their hard work shopping for our groceries.

Here’s what we are doing to combat the meat and vegetable shortage and still remain healthy during the pandemic.

Protein Powder

21g of Protein

Buy unflavored protein powder (this is my favorite) and add a scoop wherever you can. I put in this stuff in mashed potatoes, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, and soups.

Protein Bars       

20-21g of Protein

Pure Protein is my favorite go-to meal replacement these days. I love the deluxe chocolate and don’t have to feel guilty about eating it.

Protein Shake

16 g of Protein

Orgain Organic Nutrition Due to my autoimmune issues I don’t do well with milk so I like to use the vegan shake option. The regular shakes work well too for those who are cow milk tolerant.

Kodiak Pancakes

14g of Protein

Kodiak Cakes These are a fan favorite in our household, Kodiak waffles and pancakes are our Sunday morning tradition. They taste great with sugar free syrup as well.


10g of Protein

Quaker Protein Oatmeal Great way to kick off your morning with a bowl of oatmeal. You can always add more protein powder in to give you an extra boast.

Lima Beans/Butter Beans

7g of Protein

Lima beans I love to add these into my favorite crock pot soups and stews. They work well with any meal and have a pretty long shelf life.

Black Beans

10g of Protein

Black beans are versatile you can make them with any meal. We love to make black bean tacos for our meatless Mondays. Also a perfect side dish or lunch option.

Coconut Water

15g of Protein

Protein20 is a great way to get your liquids in as well. It took me a minute to get used to the taste, but now I have one daily.

Pumpkin Seeds

7g of Protein

Gerbs Raw Pumpkin Seeds Great alternative snack to have during the day. Pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite super foods.


6g of Protein

the Good bean Chickpeas chickpeas are great in regular form, but I love to snack on these when I feel like a salty snack.


5g of Protein

Blue Diamond Almonds another great way to have a salty snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about.


6g of Protein

Organic Quinoa is my new favorite. I substitute quinoa in place of rice these days. I love the taste and quinoa has a long shelf life.

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Vegetables and Fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits are also a scarce commodity in my community. But they are nessecary for a well balanced diet. Here are some alternative ways to get your fruits and vegetables.

Local Farm Stands

If you are lucky enough to have farms in your community check out the roadside farm stands, a lot are no contact pick up as well. A wonderful way to support your community and local farmers.

Premade Fruit Pouches

Noka Superfood pouches A lot of premade pouches have servings of fruits and vegetables in them. Be careful and check the carb and sugar counts, not all are compliant with your bariatric diet. Fruit pouches aren’t just for children anymore.


Juice from Raw Premade juices are another great way to get your daily vegetables and fruits. Again, double-check to make sure they are compliant with your program some juices contain a lot of sugar.

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

I prefer frozen vegetables and fruits. Vegetable Steam bags are my go-to normally. Also, frozen fruit is great for making frozen smoothies at home.

Do you have a good grocery store hack during coronavirus? What are you doing to keep healthy and maintain your goals? Let us know in the comments below we love hearing from our readers.

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Stay safe.

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