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13 Mature Games to Spice Up Your Next Game Night

13 Inappropriate
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Game night is a staple in my friends’ circle.  We survive on Food, Drinks, and Games. I don’t want to imagine a world without sarcasm, cursing, and inappropriate conversations. Instead of books, we discuss Drag Queens, Relationships, and our latest streaming binges. We drink, eat, and laugh to escape from reality for the night. What better way to do that than with games? Check out our favorite 13 mature games to spice up your next game night.

1. We’re Doomed

A fast-paced game where the world is ending and you are trying to secure your seat on an escape rocket.  Picture if the movie 2012 was a well thought out board game. Pick your government, nuke your friends, or save everyone.

2. Secret Hitler

A game where the mystery of Clue meets fascism, that’s Secret Hitler. Government ideals are randomly (and secretly) selected and the goal is to flush out Secret Hitler/fascists regimes by finding your allies.  Random Secret Hitlers and Fascists try to go undetected to win. A political game of betrayal.

3. Hunt a Killer

The genius game that puts you in the detective seat. Become the detective and catch the killer. This is a monthly subscription plan as well, sign up for new mystery every month. If you are true crime fanatic you’ll love this game. Boxes start at $25.

4. HedBanz – No Limits

Everyone knows the family-friendly HedBanz game, right? Well, this ain’t it. This version consists of Rated R Cards that you have to guess what’s on your head.

5. Exploding Kittens – NSFW Deck

You’ll use action cards, diffuse cards, and try not to get the exploding kitten cards by screwing your friends and saving yourself.

The regular version of Exploding Kittens is available here

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6. Cards Against Humanity

The goal is to try and find the funniest (or raunchiest) answer to the black card played.  The funnier the better.  It helps to know your friend’s personality to see what they would find the most entertaining.  There are 100s of expansion packs here are a few of my favorites to add to the base game

7. Unstable Unicorns – NSFW

The goal is to collect the most unicorns in your stable, simple right? You’ll use different cards to destroy your friends stable and help your cause.  The not safe for work version has all my favorite shenanigans: swearing, sexual language, dirty emojis, and drug/alcohol references.

You can get the under 21 version Unstable Unicorns game here

8. Drawing without Dignity – w/ Expansion Pack 1

Listen, if you are easily offended this is not a game for you.  Everyone else – it’s a drawing game of uncensored items.  Guess correctly for points and sabotage your friends.

9. Bad People

“The savage party game you probably shouldn’t play – NSFW”.  Again, this is a game of sex, drugs, and bathroom humor, you’ve been warned. It’s a card game where you vote on your favorite answers, similar to Cards Against Humanity but with more twists and strategy.

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10. These Cards will Get you Drunk

Recommended for 21+, obviously

The title is self-explanatory, drunken game night.

11. Off Topic

I like to refer to this game as Dirty Scategories.  Roll the dice then answer the statement card with the best answer and same letter as on the dice.  Be ready to defend your answers, spark up side conversations, and play fight with friends.

12. Ganjaland

Yup, it’s exactly what you think.  Adult Candyland with a weed theme. A perfect silly thing to play at your next gamenight.

13. Exist

A hilarious party game that’s trying to kill you. Exciting card game with endless scenarios which you must complete in order to exist.

We strongly recommend that age restrictions on the above games are followed, as some contain violence, sexual language, drugs and alcohol. Underage drinking is not encouraged nor recommended as it is illegal. We ask if you do get legally drunk that you take cab home. Game prices are subject to change, prices are set by the game company itself.

Let us know in the comments of your favorite game night games and be sure to follow us on social media below.

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16 comments on “13 Mature Games to Spice Up Your Next Game Night

  1. Cards against humanity is my favorite. I’ve been on the fence about getting exploding kittens, I’ll have to try it and see if i like it.

  2. I’ve seen Unstable Unicorns before but never picked it up, but now I know what it contains. It needs to be added to my family night games LMAO

  3. I’m determined to get my Bloke playing a game other than Jenga or something on an iPad. What would you recommend for two people that like to have a laugh with both silly, sexy and dark humour but who have a short concentration span and memory?

  4. Lisa Alioto

    LOVED this article – I’m always looking for new adult games. I’ve played a few of these but many were new to me! THanks for the leads!

  5. This is great!! My husband and I are just moving into our first house. I will be sure to stock up on some fun games! 🙂

  6. Kimberlie

    My husband is obsessed with arranging couples’ nights and spends a lot of time planning entertainment. We had tried Cards Against Humanity, but none of the others here. Thanks for this resource.

  7. Ethne Tierney

    Quirky little post, loved it! I will definetely be putting my hands on some of these games x

  8. smartcouponlady

    Love these!! Headbanz no limits is a must! Going to share this with my friend group.

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