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Learn How to Start Selling Clothes on Poshmark Today

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I started Poshmark out of boredom in 2020.  I quickly saw its value and it went from being my side hustle to my biggest revenue stream in a few months. Learn how to start selling clothes on Poshmark today.

To our subscribed readers you may recall my post on ThredUp. I wasn’t their biggest fan. I prefer Poshmark to all other resell platforms. It’s simple and easy.

How to get started on Poshmark?

Download the app or signup on Poshmark’s site.  Use my code ZoeyKCole and you’ll save $10 off your first order. Even if you aren’t sure when you want to start Poshing, signup now so you can establish a closet.  The longer you are on Poshmark the more credibility you have with buyers and sellers.

Clean out your own closet

Wondering where to get started or what to even list?  Go full Marie Kondo on your closet and make a pile of anything that doesn’t spark joy. You’ll be surprised n how big that pile gets. Throw away anything that is damaged and can’t be fixed.

Steam or Iron Your Pieces

The cleaner and more polished your listings look the more credibility you’ll have with buyers. I bought this steamer to give my clothes a freshly polished look before photographing.  So, you’ll want each piece to look its best for your photos.

Take Photos for Poshmark

For photos, you can use Poshmark’s camera, but I prefer to use my own and edit before I upload to Poshmark, because it gives me more options.  I usually set the picture ratio to 1:1 so it doesn’t get cut off when uploading to Poshmark.

Find a well-lit area of your house to stage and take photos, some poshers even film their pieces outside. My house is well lit with natural light during the day, but when I work at night, I use a ring light to capture my photos.  You don’t need one to get started but if you get serious about scaling your business it’s a good tool to have.

Great places to take photos are wood services, clean carpeting, or hanging up.  You don’t want a busy backdrop.  Think about your favorite stores they hang items up with crisp clean colors in the background to help gravitate toward their clothes. Another great option is to use an app called Photoroom.  It changes the background of all your pictures for you.

I prefer the flat lay method for most of my clothes, but on a hanger is popular too. Take your wrinkle-free clothes and lay them down and takes pictures from all angles.  Front, back, detailed embellishments, tags, and any flaws.  Don’t try and hide flaws or issues with the clothes you will lose credibility and end up having to take returns.  If you are comfortable model the clothes and use those pictures as well.  Photos that are modeled sell faster.

Upload and List to Poshmark

Next, you’ll start uploading your pieces to Poshmark under the sell button. If you want to use Poshmark’s camera to film your pieces you can do that, or select the picture button and upload the photos you already took.

Description details

Just like your photos, it’s important to be detailed with your title and description. Normally (if I can fit everything on the line) I put the brand, color, size, and type of shirt in the listing title and then do that again in the descriptions. 

This helps with SEO (search engine optimization).  Why should you care about that?  If someone types in blue Calvin Klein Skirt into Google, they will show skirts from resellers like Poshmark before the first search item.  You’d be surprised how many people are google searching and click your listing to buy.  The key is a great description.

It’s optional but you might want to put the clothing material and measurements.  Especially with older vintage pieces.  Vanity sizing has changed so much that a 1998 size 8 pair of jeans is not the same size 8 in 2021.

Next, it is all plug and chug.  You’ll put in the category, quantity, size, brand, color, if it’s new or used, style tags, pricing and you can add a shipping discount if you want.

Pro tip- create an inventory system or away to number and identify your clothes. I use a spreadsheet system and label my product bags.  You can keep track of the ID numbers you create by clicking see details and adding in your SKU, the price you paid for the piece, and a note section.  This section is private.

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Share and Share some More on and off Poshmark

After you listed all your items, you’ll need to get the word out about your Poshmark closet.  I recommend sharing your closet a minimum of 3 times per day with your Poshmark followers.  It’s also helpful to share with Poshmark parties.  They all have a theme and if your piece fits that description you can share it to that party.

You can share by going to your closet and hitting the share button (the 2 arrows that go in a circle). You have the option to share to followers, text, email, or Social Media.  It is great to use your personal accounts…pro-tip create, at a minimum, a business Instagram to showcase all your listings and link to your Poshmark page.  I also share to Pinterest since the majority of their users are women. 

Poshmark is designed to be a reselling business but also has a social media aspect to it. It is extremely important to share other people’s closets.  Seems counterintuitive, but if you share people’s closet, a portion will share yours back as a courtesy.  And that means more eyes on your closet.


Add as many followers as you can, every day.  A portion of all the people you follow will follow you back or look at your closet.  It’s not like other social platforms where you lose clout if it looks like you follow too many people. The more people that follow you back, the better chance of getting a sale.

Work toward Poshmark Ambassador Status

Work toward becoming a Poshmark Ambassador it will help boost your credibility and you’ll get extra followers.  In order to be an Ambassador you have to meet the following terms

  • Share 5,000 or more of your fellow poshers listings
  • Visit your closet and share your own pieces a minimum of 5,000 times
  • Find new Poshmark users and share their items a minimum of 50 times
  • Sell a minimum of 15 pieces
  • Have an average rating of 4.5 or greater
  • Ship your packages out in under 3 days
  • Leave 1 Love note (review) on an item you purchased on Poshmark.

Set Prices

The easiest way to decide what you should sell your item for is to look up what it sold for in the past. Check out the comps on Poshmark. You’ll want to price similar to other Poshers. Past sales of that item will give you an idea of what to expect when you sell it.

Pro-tip – Price your item 20% above what you expect to make for it. Poshers love to make offers and negotiate to price. This way you leave a little padding in the price to negogiate on offers.

Be reasonable. If you get a good offer you can take it without counter-offering. On the other hand, there are a lot of shoppers trying to get extreme bargains, so you will get lowball offers. You can counter or decline.

As a reminder, Poshmark takes a 20% commission for all sales over $15. All sales less than $15 they take a flat fee of $2.95.

First Sale

Yay! You’ve got your first sale, congrats! Package up your item, print the mailing label from your email, and get to the post office.

Also, presentation is everything. I highly recommend you place the item in a Poly bag before boxing it up. This protects the garment from the eliminates on its travel. I like to leave a small note in the package thanking my customers for their purchase.

Did you know that you get free boxes online to ship your sales? You can order them on the USPS website and they ship to your house free. Poshmark sales are sent in Priority Mail boxes or regular cardboard box. Customer’s pay for the shipping (or you can provide a discount out of the profits). Print the label, slap it on the box, and drop it off at the Post office.

For more about Poshmark check out there Frequently Asked Questions page.

Don’t forget to use my code ZoeyKCole when you sign up.

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